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This author feels like she has experienced three separate lifetimes this time around. She spent her first life in Virginia as Louise Timberlake, spending her childhood in Sweet Hall, grade school at King William, middle school at West Point, and high school in Williamsburg. She received a B.S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, followed by a short career as an educational representative for the IBM Corporation in Virginia Beach.

Her second lifetime was spent as Louise Northon by marrying Cliff, a native of New Orleans. After completing a M.A. degree from The University of South Alabama, she spent the following thirty-four years in the suburbs of New Orleans raising their two sons. She was a “soccer mom” and embraced writing groups (fiction and nonfiction), art classes, Creole and Cajun cooking, school volunteering, selected classes at the local university, and teaching at two business schools.

After losing her youngest son, she began a quest exploring the truths about life and death, which are reflected in her writings. This journey included spiritual awakenings, discernments with renowned psychic George Anderson, and monthly lessons with medium Mary Jo McCabe and “The Guides.” This life cycle ended in 2005 when her husband died of a brain tumor, followed by Hurricane Katrina flooding her home two months later.
Returning to Virginia, she reconnected with Ray, a high school friend, and is now enjoying her third lifespan as Louise Wright residing in Glen Allen. This is the good life, appreciating all in her world.

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