“What would you think if your cell phone started texting you advice?”

Bizarre things start occurring in twenty-three-year-old Kimberly’s life after receiving a cloud device that becomes her confidant and adviser. Brains/wit, with activated words Mr. Smart, helps her with boyfriend problems, work-related difficulties, Mom worries, and even everyday household issues. But is this entity going too far when it begins sending text messages and emails on her behalf?

"Kimberly, you look great. Even happy. What's going on?"

"Well, Clint dropped by to tell me he's now dating class and money. And then he gives me a wicked widget as a gift that's doing strange things. I'm developing a school-girl crush on my boss's son who's already taken. And I'm doing a lousy job at work because this sales woman won't turn in paperwork I need."

"Okay," Barbara responds, "So why do you appear so cheerful?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe because the impish gadget said, 'To be happy -- let go of thoughts that make you sad.'"

"Explain the wicked gadget, please," Barbara requests.

"It's one of those cloud services that acts like an oral Google or Bing. You ask it questions, and it gives supposedly correct answers."

Great beach book, soft science fiction, love story, chick lit, or just a fun read.

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